As a Physical Therapist you play a vital role in helping people recover from injury or disease. Both the patient and physician rely on your valuable skills and expertise to rapidly expedite healing along the road to recovery. However, the therapeutic process is often an intensely painful experience for the patient. This negative aspect of therapy has historically been considered unavoidable, as orally prescribed medications can only do so much in relieving pain in the localized region. Fortunately our Physical Therapist Smart*Rx Solution can help resolve this important issue for many patients.

Controlling Pain

This Smart*Decision Solution utilizes physician-prescribed creams to control pain and reduce inflammation. These compounds are applied topically to the target area before each therapy session begins. The powerful medications quickly take effect, allowing improved range of motion while reducing pain. Some of the compound medications can be combined with ultrasound technology for deeper transdermal penetration. Our solution includes free onsite training for Physical Therapists who are interested in obtaining optimal results. We also provide assistance getting your referral physicians on board to prescribe the specific medications needed to speed up the patient healing process.

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Boosting Your Income

Adding compounds to your practice not only improves your patient’s experience, but can also provide you with a significant ancillary income. Our seamless Physical Therapist Solution includes everything you need to quickly and permanently boost your bottom line. If you are already using compounds, consider that our higher commission percentage and collection rate makes our pay scale the best in the industry. To learn more, click on the button below to schedule a 5-minute phone call.

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