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Your DNA

Scientists have discovered that your DNA determines how you respond to different medications. The vast majority of drugs – more than 90 percent – only work in 30 to 50 percent of people. This is mainly because of genes that interfere in some way with the medicine. Testing your DNA for this genetic information gives physicians the tools they need to predict whether a specific drug will help you as a patient. All it takes is a painless cheek swab sample test. We analyze your DNA and send a comprehensive report to your doctor who can then prescribe the absolute best medicines for your body, fine tune the dosage for your individual metabolic pathways, and prevent harmful drug interactions. This cutting-edge process is called pharmacogenomics, an important aspect of a new revolution in healthcare … Personalized Medicine.

Personalized Medicine – A Gamechanger

Personalized medicine is essentially an extension of traditional approaches to healthcare, but offers much greater precision. Providers may now use a patient’s unique genetic profile to guide the selection of medications and related treatments, and in many cases avoid adverse drug reactions. This added precision offers a more preventive and cost-effective approach to patient care. Most health insurance policies cover DNA tests when ordered by a doctor, yet only 1 out of 10 physicians feel adequately informed about these types of genomic tests.

Our Smart*Decision DNA Solution solves this with a free InfoGenetic Test Kit that you give to your doctor at your next appointment. After a brief review of the information in the kit, your physician quickly and painlessly swabs the inside of your cheek to collect a DNA sample which is sent to our laboratory. Qualified technicians then analyze your DNA and deliver your personal genomic results to your doctor in a physician-friendly format to be used when making medication decisions to improve your health.

Are You Covered by Insurance?

Reimbursement for the cost of DNA testing is excellent. Most insurance plans and Medicare will typically pay for DNA testing if you are on multiple medications, or have had a documented drug reaction, or if a drug fails to work. The information in our LINK free InfoGenetic Test Kit LINK lets your doctor quickly pre-qualify you for genomic testing insurance benefits.