The New Reality of Competitive Healthcare

Attracting and retaining enrollees in a competitive marketplace requires constant innovation and excellent personal service. A rapidly changing financial and regulatory landscape has intensified the challenges of building lasting personal relationships with beneficiaries whose very health and wellness is at stake. Our Smart*Decision solutions let you seamlessly deliver highly effective and cost efficient personalized healthcare experiences that create brand loyalty and fuel sales growth.

Personalized Medicine – A Gamechanger

Personalized medicine is essentially an extension of traditional approaches to healthcare, but offers much greater precision. Providers may now use a patient’s unique genetic profile to guide the selection of medications and related treatments, and in many cases avoid adverse drug reactions. This added precision offers a more preventive and cost-effective approach to patient care. However only 1 out of 10 physicians feel “adequately informed” about this type of genomic testing. Our Smart*Decision DNA Solutions resolve this problem with new technologies and systems that let your existing network of healthcare providers easily collaborate with our physicians to confidently apply genomic information that improves beneficiary wellness while increasing your profit margins.


Challenge equals Opportunity

Every business faces challenges … that’s the nature of free enterprise. Our innovative Opportunity Search Engine Solution turn challenges into opportunities. In simple terms, we use your human resource and health related cost data to locate population segments within your organization that will benefit from our wellness solutions. The end result is a Win-Win deal where employees or enrollees or patients and clients all profit from measurable health improvements that substantially lower group costs and boost your bottom line.

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