Personalized Solutions for Self-Funded Health Plans

As a self-insurer you have access to valuable information about how your employees are using their benefits, what claims they’re making and other vital information that you can use to successfully manage your plan. Our Smart*Decision Solutions let you leverage this health-risk data to identify specific issues that are driving claims costs. We can help you analyze your data for opportunity and then implement targeted wellness solutions. This strategy improves health outcomes for individual employees while lowering costs for the entire group and decreasing your overall risk.

Attracting and retaining employees in a competitive marketplace requires constant innovation and genuine concern for your workforce. Keeping workers healthy and happy not only protects your investment in human resources, but also creates a work environment where everyone is fully aware of the valuable benefits that you provide for them. This sense of awareness typically spreads throughout your organization, creating respectful gratitude, which enhances teamwork and generates enthusiasm. As a result, absenteeism drops, morale improves, and more bottom-line work gets done with less effort.

Our Smart*Decision Employer solutions are designed to seamlessly deliver cost efficient personalized healthcare and wellness experiences that create employee loyalty and fuel productivity. Just click on the link below to schedule a brief call and find out how we can help improve your business health!

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