Personalized Medicine – A Gamechanger

Personalized medicine is rapidly changing the way physicians practice healthcare. Providers can now use a patient’s unique genetic profile to guide the selection of medications and design individualized treatment plans. In many cases the likelihood of a positive outcome increases dramatically. Adverse drug reactions are often completely avoided. The added precision gained through genomic testing is proving to be more effective and cost-efficient than the traditional trial-and-error approach.

The vast majority of drugs – more than 90 percent – only work in 30 to 50 percent of people. This is mainly because of genes that interfere in some way with how the medication is metabolized. Testing a patient’s DNA for this genetic information can help predict whether a specific drug is likely to work as intended. However, the range of diseases treated and drugs prescribed by primary care physicians makes it unrealistic for most doctors to keep track of the vast body of literature about pharmacogenomic testing and to decipher how to apply this information to clinical practice.

Our Smart*Decision DNA Solutions solve these challenges by focusing on three basic objectives:

1. Identifying patients who are likely to benefit from DNA testing.
2. Partnering with physicians who want to utilize DNA based personalized medicine in collaboration with our network of doctors experienced in pharmacogenomics and other individualized medical treatments.
3. Delivering genomic test results and personalized medical guidance in physician-friendly formats that can be used with confidence in real-time situations.

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